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About pheromones
Pheromones are sexual attractants most generally divided in two classes. One of them is androstenole, a substance produced in the testicles and in its chemical structure very similar to the masculine sexual hormone testosterone. The slight scent of sandal wood in alpha androstenole can make women crave for sexual encounters more easily.
Pheromones are released through breath or sweat and detected through the Vomero nasal organ (VNO), located in the nasal cavity. As soon as the attractant is detected it sends signals to the brain. As women are very emotional in general, pheromones do particularly influence their behaviour of lust, love, sympathy and most of all their lust for sex.
About pheromones
Scientific tests with pheromones
After a period of four weeks where slow sellers were displayed for sale, the same products were sprayed with pheromones. For checking purposes, the treated objects were placed aside untreated however similar products. The result: from a total of eight slow sellers, seven of the pheromone-marked were sold within the first 12 days. Just one unmarked unit was sold.
A male pair of twins were identically dressed up for a party. One of them used pheromone spray. The result: the twin that used the pheromone spray had three times more success getting in touch with women than the other.